One drawing at a time.

Battle Chronicles

Battle Chronicles

By: Tyler J. Hallstrom

Battle Chronicles is an ongoing comic book series that I started in 2017.  However, like with most of my artistic endeavors, Battle Chronicles is something I have been building towards for a long time.  There are a bevy of interests in my formative media that solidified my interest in comic books, and I knew that one day I would want to create my own property.  The culmination of all of my experiences and interests lead me to create Battle Chronicles.

I want my presence in the artistic community to be positive and encouraging, and I think that an important component of that presence is a healthy dose of honesty.  Making comic is HARD-WORK.  Regardless of if you are working for a major publisher or are creating an independent book, crafting the skills necessary to create a competent comic can take thousands of hours.  Figure drawing, anatomy, character design, color theory, rendering, and composition are a drop in the bucket of the artistic elements that go into a comic book, and this doesn't even begin the dive into the business or storytelling elements that create a successful comic.

Battle Chronicles represents a work in progress, the gaps in time that I worked on individual pages and issues varies, the drawings show the work of an artist who is still developing a voice, and the storytelling is far from perfect. Battle Chronicles is not my magnum opus, it is my introduction into the world of comics, and (as with all my projects) I plan on approaching it one drawing at a time.

- Tyler J. Hallstrom



Issue #1 - Nov. 2017



Issue #2 - Aug. 2018


Battle Chronicles is 100% free, but if you would like to support the project feel free to share the story and/or follow me on social media. 

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